Cyber attackers are targeting Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Restaurants) like yours because the sensitive data you process every day is highly valuable. Regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are in place to help you protect cardholder data and your brand, but maintaining compliance can often exhaust your internal resources. How can you stay focused on what you do best – delivering quality food and a great guest experience – while keeping your customers and your brand protected?

With deep expertise in the Hospitality industry and the broadest and most flexible portfolio of managed compliance services program, SecqureOne can help you simplify the complex process of maintaining compliance and protecting your data, so you can get back to delighting your customers.


SecqureOne helps Hospitality industry (Hotels, Restaurants) protect credit cardholder data and other guest information with Managed Compliance Service Program.

SQ1Shield is purpose-built for businesses of all sizes, helping you establish the security strategy behind your compliance program and simplifying the way you manage compliance and risk. Here are list of compliance controls.

Policy & Compliance Analysis- This technology is used to analyze the security the rules and policies used in Firewalls, Routers and other devices that must have their policies reviewed at regularly scheduled intervals

Firewall Security- Firewalls are part of a layered Defense In Depth strategy and are a critical security control for managing, monitoring and protecting egress internet traffic.

Managed Intrusion Detection/Prevention System- Intrusion Detection/Prevention a requirement for most all compliance objectives to protect system being monitored

Managed File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)- File Integrity Monitoring is designed to be used where tracking files or configurations that change is critical and is a required PCI control.

Log Management- Collection of network, server, security, and application logs is a fundamental and essential detective control, including monitoring

Network Vulnerability Scanning-External & Internal Compliance Scans (PCI) are an essential preventive control, designed to identify vulnerabilities proactively before they can be exploited.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning- Web Application vulnerability scans are designed to proactively test web applications to ensure that protected compliance-related data is not breached or leaked.

Anti-Virus Protection- AV is a standard security requirement for any PC, laptop or endpoint, however most compliance frameworks require AV to be monitored and well managed

Monitoring & Event Correlation (SIEM)- All compliance requirements require on-going and continuous monitoring and management of compliance controls. Event Correlation is used to minimize false positives, and prioritize what security events should be analyzed and responded to.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)- Only specified for PCI, however this technology should also be utilized to secure any type of web application that interacts with personally identifiable information, financial information, or healthcare information.

Wireless Intrusion Detection/Prevention- PCI has mandated the use of Wireless Scanners and monitoring for wireless intrusions.

Threat Intelligence & Advisories- In order to support compliance efforts, receiving comprehensive information on current security threats, security advisories, and other timely threat information is a requirement of PCI compliance requirements.


SQ1Shield is tailored to meet your PCI DSS security compliance requirements. Key features include

Bundled outsourced solution for a fixed monthly fee.

24x7 monitoring of assets, periodic vulnerability assessments, security risk analysis, automated incident response, policy and compliance analysis.

Keeping you compliant with the regulatory requirements, to help you focus on the business of delivering exceptional patient care and services.


Gain Momentum - Move your business forward by focusing on your core competencies instead of security.

Reallocate Resources- Spend less on infrastructure, staff and training.

Mitigate Risk- Maintain your state of security, reducing risk and scope. Our Security experts ensure your solution remains up to date.

Long-Term Commitment – Our annual support program ensures support to business of all size.

Expert Advice – SecqureOne experts bring wide experience in establishing continuous security.

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