Web Application Security


Web Application Security

Web applications have become the core of every business and are being deployed in various forms ranging from external facing corporate website to internal facing portals. SQ1Shield application security performs a continual scan on various applications and correlates with the application vulnerabilities to identify and report the threats.

SQ1Shield application security shall be suitable for commissioning, third-party assurance, audit and regulatory needs where independence and QoS are important requirement. SQ1Shield has pre-built reports that meet the various compliance requirements. Tickets are raised on each vulnerability discovered to remediate and secure the application.

Continuous Concurrent Assessment

SQ1Shield performs continuous scans on your web applications as they evolve, providing automatic detection on code changes and alerts on new vulnerabilities discovered.

Actionable Result

SQ1Shield utilizes global threat intelligence to validate every vulnerability, and then eliminate false positives and provides actionable remediation to improve your application security posture.

Unlimited access to security experts

Our security experts are available 24 x 7 who will monitor your applications and analyze the vulnerabilities in real-time and provide remediation guidance or response.

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