Risk Management


Risk Management

Simplify IT Risk Identification, Analysis and Mitigation

SQ1Shield Risk Management will empower your business to manage and mitigate IT risks. SQ1Shield will help businesses streamline IT risk identification, IT risk assessment and risk treatment. SQ1Shield provides analytics and reports that transform risk data into actionable risk intelligence, providing visibility on the top risks and improving decision-making.

Centralized Asset

SQ1Shield shall maintain your IT assets, processes, controls and risks. It will establish relationship between the various data entities along with associated details such as category, ownership, visibility and validity.

IT Risk Assessment

SQ1Shield will assess, manage and monitor IT risks in an integrated manner by using the industry standard IT risk assessment framework. Upon completion of the assessment, the risk scores are derived and ranked using a simple risk matrix. Risk Assessment reports can be generated to meet the various compliance needs.

Issue Management and Remediation

SQ1Shield document issues from IT risk assessments and provides remediation. It automatically assigns a ticket to the issue on a priority basis. It assists in assigning resources for performing remediation with an underlying workflow. It helps to define the action plan, track the remediation process and close the issue.

IT Risk Monitoring

SQ1Shield generates pre-built risk reports, heat maps and executive dashboards that aggregate IT risk data for complete visibility. It helps track and monitor risk profiles, assessment plans and remediation status through real-time charts that can be accessed from anywhere.

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